How we Started

The evolution of our business began in 2002 when we originally produced our own brand of genuine leather wallets supplied from India.

Later we began to expand our range into other products such as ID holders and lanyards. This lead us to new suppliers in China who could produce a wide range of products at very low cost.

In 2006, our sister company QW Direct was established to take advantage of the bulk supply market for customised products.

Our clients range from commercial and marketing companies, government organisations, religious groups, the defence sector and education.

In fact, it is likely you have come across our products throughout Australia being used for purposes encompassing promotional, community awareness, educational, security & identity initiatives.

We enjoyed rapid growth during this period and split our product focus into two disinct businesses, working side by side in partnership. Qwrist focuses on the bulk supply of wristband products, including silicone wristbands, personalised bracelets, slap bands and one-time disposable wristbands.

With a focus on specific products, our knowledge and experience in the bulk supply of customised wristbands ensures we have the capacity and resources to deliver quality products. We boast very competitive pricing and turnarounds within demanding schedules.

Who are Qwrist

Qwrist is lead by Justin, an Engineer with over 15 years industry experience. An early internet pioneer, Justin's business became one of the first in Australia to accept credit card payments online.
Rose leads our quality assurance team in consultation with factories in China. Her role is to make sure artwork matches the final product as closely as possible and get deliveries out the door quickly.
The graphic design team prepare artwork within software that controls the manufacturing equipment at the factory. It's like tailor-made version of photoshop.